We are a collective of artist on blockchain!

Art Certification Culture

NUNA PROJECT ART is a collective of artists around the world. The encounter with art and culture coming from different areas of the world has always accompanied us, our trips, works and artistic research. Art and culture are an engine for the life, our desire is to connect souls through them.

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Public Sale1 NUNA = 0.001 XLM

  • NUNA token launch and public sale.
  • Total Supply for public sale 180,000,000 NUNA

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  • List NUNA TOKEN.
  • Coinmarket Cap
  • CoinGecko
  • DEX platforms

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Stellar Artistic FundationSAF

  • Beginning of the activities in SAF Stellar Artistic Residence
  • Open call for artists, collectors and developers
  • Trainings, Seminaries, European volunteer, Workshops


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NUNA Scaling

  • DAO
  • Staking
  • Farming

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NUNA Usability

  • Achieve a high circulation of artworks
  • Enrich the business of NUNA
  • Support artists
  • NUNA Work Token

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NUNA Platforms

  • Develop NUNA Gallery with Cultural Heritage
  • Create the project App
  • Wallet NUNA

NUNA Token Information

Asset code: NUNA

Asset issuers: GCX2ENOVSS.....S25BKZBWOW

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