Wait for art...

Category Allocation Raise Locked Vesting (Years)
Staking 8% GA3AF....3GC43 Comming Soon 1 year
Rewards and Liquidity Providers 30% GAKQJ....3GVTV Started 8 months
Community Public Sale 18% GB4Y7....OYO2C Started Day 1
Stellar Art Foundation 20% GBT7K....BC3LE Started 6 months
Artist, Collectors, Developers 10% GD24T....7REJE Started 2 months
Team 14% GCIFN....PQII4 2 years 2 years


Asset code: NUNA


Issuing conditions: There will only ever be 1 Billion NUNA tokens in existence. Imagine a payment system, where NFTs have real use cases! NUNA is a token for Art, Do not spend more than what you are willing to invest.

Asset Info