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Frequently Asked Questions

Read our FAQ and do not exhitate to contact us for any question

NUNA is a token for art. NUNA PROJECT ART was born from the desire to support artistic creation and sharing, explore blockchain and its connection with art, nft and real world.

NUNA price informations can be found on CoinGecko. Click on the to wiew it.

NUNA is a project that has its focus on art. NUNA token can be used to buy and sell NFTs, trade on SDEX, investing into project or sub-projects, use as a governance token, vote for DAO proposals

It is higly important to protect yourself and your accont from scammers so never share your secret key! Remeber that we will never ask you for money, always check the account information carefully and if any scammer contact you, do not forget to report it!

We don’t have any plan to burn any amount of NUNA token for the moment.


There will only ever be 1 Billion NUNA tokens in existence. Imagine a payment system, where NFTs have real use cases! NUNA is a token for Art, Do not spend more than what you are willing to invest.